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Holiday travel where the five-star hotel hangzhou hot springs park to swim

Date: 2014-02-19

Holidaying, comfortable bubble hot spring, park, in this early spring season, nothing is more comfortable than these. Where the holiday tourism, can try to hangzhou kaiyuan names hotel free line.
Hangzhou kaiyuan names hotel is kai yuan hotel group's flagship store, 47 layer construction of 218 meters, known as the tallest building in camp hotel hangzhou. The hotel is located in hangzhou xiaoshan district, central business district, adjacent to shanghai-hangzhou-ningbo expressway, hangzhou west lake scenic area scenic spots and historical sites such as all within half an hour's drive, arrived in Shanghai and ningbo are just two and a half hour's drive. Xianghu lake scenic area, located near to the hotel with beautiful scenery and is known as the "sisters lake" of hangzhou west lake. Unearthed here unearthed cultural sites across lake bridge, the world's oldest canoe; Xianghu lake city, the top of the mountain king city ruins, was goujian station troops against wu important military castle, is by far the best preserved ancient city wall ruins. It owns xiang pu, lake, mountain city, the building, bridge across lake and so on five big scenic area, 20 scenic spots.
Hotel in this season has launched two free line package, respectively combines "YunMan hot springs" and "rotten apples paradise" two products that are near the xianghu lake, very suitable for family group.
YunMan hot springs with five-star hotel packages, only 738 yuan/set, includes: hotel, between superior twin bed room 1 night (original price RMB 1320 / night) + Mediterranean coffee shop two buffet breakfast (value of 88 yuan/person) + YunMan urban rainforest radon spa adult two (worth 198 yuan/zhang) + hotel gym enjoy free, indoor swimming pool to enjoy free + free high-speed broadband + free parking. YunMan hot springs is located in hangzhou xiaoshan district, adjacent to xianghu lake, is a bustling city of hot spring vacation paradise. Its type of architectural style, restore the essence of the ruined culture, its natural water quality, unique, let you enjoy perfect experience of preserve one's health and leisure.
Rotten apple park with five-star hotel packages, only 788 yuan/set, includes: hotel, between superior twin bed room 1 night (original price RMB 1320 / night) + 2 1 small Mediterranean coffee shop buffet breakfast ($221) + hangzhou rotten apple park two small family packages 1 set ($300 / set) + hotel gym enjoy free, indoor swimming pool to enjoy free, free high-speed broadband and free parking. Rotten apples, is all indoor high-tech parent-child paradise, blends together the fit-out of the world's leading high-tech interactive projects, can not only test the children's courage and wisdom, obtaining knowledge and laughter, ferial can make work busy adults accompany children explore joy together, grow together hand in hand.
Play content is rich and colorful, need a more relaxed and comfortable accommodation environment, hangzhou kaiyuan names on this hotel can let guests at ease. The hotel has 699 rooms, not only has a large room, fully equipped high-end bathroom, bed is tasted comfortable advantage such as hardware, butlers, TianYi passenger room services such as software service quality but also provide many guests praise. Of course, can not only satisfy the requirement of the guest check in hotel, dining, leisure, entertainment is also readily available. Food and beverage, can choose the Mediterranean coffee shop on the ground floor of the buffet dinner, hotel guests have very favorable price. Can also go to the second floor of the most lasting appeal of Chinese four JiXuan Chinese restaurant, taste the unique charm of hangzhou cuisines. Same dream di casino steak house, located on the second floor elegant environment, Italian flavor food, have a special package launch. A heated indoor swimming pool and fitness center are open to hotel guests free of charge, at any time can go to relax and other such as tennis court, table tennis room, billiard room charge is not expensive, it is said that there is a good table tennis coaches from time to time will tell.