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Hotel industry transition as soon as thoroughly as possible

Date: 2014-02-26

Recently, the intercontinental hotels group is held in Beijing to enter the Chinese market of the 30th anniversary of the celebration at the same time, also announced its cooperation with hk crowne plaza Beijing lido will be officially opened in the first half of this year. Intercontinental in China in the future the layout of the related problems, intercontinental hotels group in greater China, chief development officer sun jian said in an interview with southern daily, the hotel industry is heading for regression, the transformation of hotel industry turn faster as thoroughly as possible.
Southern daily: in the "eight six rules ban", under the influence of the policy of saving, high-end hotel industry suffered serious impact, it also makes some hotel group on the layout of China's policy adjustments, such as considering part of high star hotel star, intercontinental group's strategy is what? Under the policy environment, high-end hotel waning, intercontinental group how to meet the challenge?
Sun jian: in the long run, these policies issued and implemented, for hotels, especially in terms of food and beverage industry is good, the hotel industry will also to return. The past Spring Festival, our business is very good, in sanya is not only in sanya, even xishuangbanna is one house is hard to find. I believe that embodies the regression of consumption, many people are no longer QiongYou, nor poor on a business trip, is that I wish to spend the right. For the hotel industry, in the short term within one year or even two years after some painful, will have to see which one independent hotels, which one group or more thoroughly, to turn faster.
Intercontinental group in the third quarter of 2013 was reversed, RevPar (average guest room income grew by about 0.7%, this is a signal, for our group has been such a transition, spent about half the time.
We have a more obvious advantage, it is compared with other international hotel group, our brand gradient is more, both the five-star hotel, there is also a mid-range hotel brand, city hotel, also have a resort hotel. And we live in more than 80 cities, including lines to one line, two or three. So that a basket, high-end hotels, predominantly meeting business type hotel the impact is bigger, but the tourist resort of consumption, less affected, as well as the third quarter of last year's annual report, resort hotel growth is spectacular.
Rapid advances in fact, if everyone, all want to build a five-star hotel, all want to do on the tall hotel, return on investment is very poor, the development of hotel brands in the end is also a great limit. Regression is a good thing, for the whole industry is a good thing, we emphasis on investment and return, emphasizes the real consumption, no longer emphasizes the pursuit of pure five-star.